Kitchen Design: Contemporary vs. Modern

contemporary-kitchenToday I would like to take a look at the differences of contemporary versus modern kitchen design.

These two styles, while similar in the crisp clean lines, are different in subtle ways. Contemporary design is harder edge than modern. The lines are tighter and “thinner” whereas modern designer is warmer and “thicker”.

Take a look at the photos I found online and see the contemporary kitchen is lighter and brighter. Note, the countertop on the island has a waterfall edge. (A waterfall edge is one where the countertop that goes to the floor.) Also, the heights of the counters vary too.

The modern design also has smooth sleek lines but the cabinets are much darker on all the base cabinets. This gives it a warmer and a grounded look. The backsplash is stainless and gives it a professional cook feeling.

It is true that much of these elements can be interchanged and depending on what is chosen could either be contemporary or modern design.

In the end, choose what makes you happy. Life’s too short to compromise.

This is after all your home!

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