Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day has to be one of my favorite times of the year. It’s the one day that we get to celebrate them and show them how much we care. Mothers come in many forms. We have our birth mother, adopted mother, step mother, friends mother and any other one that we call our mom.

What can we learn from his day? How can we become better children? Those questions should be on our minds daily so that we show our appreciation more often than just this one day. I was a lucky one, I had my mother for 53 years of my life. My mother taught me many things in my years. She taught me to love unconditionally. She taught me to persevere, no matter how much I wanted to quit. She taught me to respect myself first and then others. She taught me to respect all woman, no matter the circumstances. I learned many things from my mother and I couldn’t have been blessed with a better woman to take care of me in those early years.

Mothers take the most abuse of any human being that I know. They have many things that they have to accomplish daily, 365 days a year. They never complain much unless you are acting up. Think about all that they do for you. They cook, they clean, they do the laundry, they comfort you when you are sick, they run you around to school and activities and they council you periodically. I heard a friend say the other day that they stick up for you when you didn’t do or act right in public, even though you were guilty. My mother did stick up for me but did give me a whack when I was guilty though.

We seem to forget that mothers weren’t born mothers, they had to learn as they went along. There really hasn’t ever been a book that they can read. True, Dr Spock wrote many of books on parenting in the 70’s but did he really think that there is an answer for every situation and child? I think not!

True mothering comes from instinct and from the heart. What is right one day might not be the next. There were many times that I did not agree back then what my mother said that I could not do something. Now I realize as a parent that she was wiser than I thought and she was only protecting me and my reputation.

When we get to an age and our mothers are gone, memories are the only things that we have to hold onto. I often sit there and smile at some of those memories. The times when I would wake up in the morning and the smell of coffee and bacon lured me to get up and run to the kitchen. The times when I would be frustrated or didn’t believe in myself and she would know just the right words to say to make me feel better. The times when she would fluff my pillow when I was sick. The times when she would get frustrated at us and tell us she was giving us back. And the best times of all was when she would just hug me and made me feel that everything was going to be OK. Whichever the memory, they will always make you smile!

Mother’s Day falls on May 12TH this year. It’s time to start looking for that special gift that will make her smile. Whatever you decide on, you need to also give all of yourself to her that day like she does for you the rest of the year. You need to hug her and kiss her like she will be gone the next day. You need to make her feel special just like she makes you feel all year long. Mothers are truly a gift from God, don’t waste any time that you have her and never ever take her for granted.

Enjoy this coming Mother’s Day my friends. Make it a special day for her. Who else on earth could make us smile like the picture above on the first day of school? Only our mother! Happy Mother’s Day Ma up there in heaven. You were an incredible woman and mother. My love for you burns on and on.  I love you!

Tim Holick


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