Top 5 Checklist

When you begin the process of remodeling your kitchen, it may be hard to know where to begin. That’s why we always encourage our customers to Dream First. Diving right into the remodeling process without a clear sense of direction can often leave you backed into a corner. Here are the top five things that Wood Palace Kitchens urges you to consider during the initial stages of the process. Don’t worry, our kitchen experts and talented designers will walk you through each step in the process, ensuring that you never feel left in the dark!

Remodeling the kitchen is a big job, and an important investment in the value of your home. Let’s face it, you prepare all of your meals in the kitchen, do homework, pay bills, and more. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and you want to be sure to get it right. You want to be sure to come into the project with an open mind, ready to explore all options. You want to Dream First. You can always narrow down the choices later. And to do it right, you want to be sure you are working with a team that listens to you, prompts you to think about things you may not have thought of, shows you all of the options, is upfront about the pros and cons, and can translate all of that into the kitchen of your dreams. Then you want it all done without a hitch by people who are experts because that is all they do.

Appliance Selection
Arlene was excited about her appliance selections. They were top of the line, beautiful, and served her everyday needs nicely. But when it came to family gatherings and holidays, she needed more oven space. She wished she had thought about how difficult it would be to get everything ready for a large crowd when she was purchasing her new kitchen. It’s important to give some serious thought to your appliances when remodeling your kitchen AND to make those decisions early in the design process. What you choose will impact the design, how much cabinetry you can have, and how easily you will be able to function in your new kitchen when it is complete. Dream First!

Color and Style
We all love those dream kitchens we see in magazines. Barbara remodeled her kitchen based on one of those pictures. She showed it to the store clerk where she purchased her cabinets when they were designing her kitchen, but when it was finished, it just didn’t have the look she wanted. Designing a room involves so much more than just what you put in it. To get the coordinated look and feel you see in magazines, you have to consider the color, style, and mood you want to create in the room. How do you want the room to feel? It really is the little things that add up to create the total look you are going for. Dream First!

Functionality and Storage
Human beings are very adaptable. When we have something we don’t like, but can’t really change, we “learn to live with it.” When thinking about functionality, storage needs, and other kitchen options, Anne forgot how annoying the placement of her refrigerator was, how difficult it was to find storage for her larger pots, and that she had to wipe down the side of the cabinet next to the trash can at least once a day. When you are redesigning your kitchen, it is time to shed all of the things you “learned to live with” and choose brand new options that eliminate those problems. The Dream First process helps you learn how to eliminate what you don’t like about your current kitchen. A talented designer (like those at Wood Palace Kitchens) can help you “learn to live” WITHOUT those annoyances. Dream First!

When Cindy thought of countertops, she thought of one thing: how they were going to match the cabinets. She picked a beautiful granite with lots of interest. It looked great, but because the stone contained so many elements, it was porous, and required more care than she realized. Although she loved the look, she didn’t like the extra care she had to take with it, or the work to keep it sealed. There are many different countertop materials, and all have their pros and cons. Be sure you are working with a designer who will help you understand them, and arm you with more information than just which look you like best. Dream First!

Carrie made the mistake of putting one ceiling-mounted light in her new kitchen, and was very disappointed when it didn’t illuminate the room or her work areas. There is nothing worse than dark spots in your kitchen when you are trying to read a recipe or prepare food. As in any room in the house, the ability to adjust light levels in the kitchen is an important factor to consider. When cooking or cleaning up, a bright light placed in just the right way can make the job easier and more pleasant. For leisurely dining and conversation, special occasions, or romantic moments, dimmed lights create great ambiance. Dream First!

It’s a lot to think about
Always remember to Dream First! Good luck with your project and space, and we want to hear from you soon!