Giving Back

As a community-centered business, Wood Palace Kitchens has always been about giving back. Over the years, we’ve partnered with many charities and nonprofits, both local and national, to ensure that we are doing as much as we can to make our community stronger. If you would like to join us in our mission, please visit our partner sites:


















Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

American Institute for Cancer Research

It means a lot to us to know that our efforts to reach out to the community and improve the lives of our friends and neighbors succeed, even in the smallest measure. It’s why we won’t stop partnering with new charities, engaging in new missions of giving, and helping to make the communities we call home just a little better.

Of course, giving back to the community is about more than charity events and donations. It’s also about the little things. It’s why we make an effort to have a presence at local career days, and take part in school committees. It’s why we give two scholarships to Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School graduates each year. It’s why we host art lessons and teach cooking classes in the Wood Palace Showroom. And it’s why we always try to bring the community of customers that we have created closer. We believe everyone in our community has something to offer, be they chefs, policemen, teachers, craftsmen, or anything in between, and it’s our pleasure to help bring those unique voices together.