Working with Tim has been a pleasure. We had no idea how to get started, and he patiently walked us through the whole process. His show room was huge, so many choices.
 – Bart Cerce
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

My kitchen with Wood Palace Kitchens is so awesome! I couldn’t be happier working with Mike. He is kind, patient, and knows how to get the job done right. I am glad I went with this company and love my renovated kitchen. It is my favorite room in my house!

 – Kate Hanley

Great choices, excellent service, outstanding communication
 – Al Dimascio


One thing I noticed is your willingness to stay on budget. Even people that have upscale residential homes, with a substantial budget, still need to respect that budget. One thing I really admired about you when we worked together was your honesty and integrity. You kept your word on the budget without sacrificing quality or style. I also appreciated was how adaptable you were. I changed my mind on pulls for the cabinets two or three times and you were so darn patient. You kept me in your thoughts and didn’t settle until you knew we found the answer. Case in point; with the granite verses quartz center island in our home. The small demonstration piece of granite seemed mostly white in showroom. Once I saw the piece on the lot, I realized granite has movement running through it. I was really concerned because the look didn’t fit the aesthetics I had in my mind. So, YOU troubleshot it and took us to Bridgewater and showed me quartz. Who does this??? YOU.  We were amazed at your patience, attention to detail, and your quest for excellence.

 – Lorna Brunelle

“We wanted to thank you for our beautiful kitchen! Everything that you designed came out perfect. I worried that the island would be too big; that the counter sitting for three stools would not work; that I would not have enough storage. All my worrying was for nothing. The design is perfect.

We also worried about being in Florida for 3 months. We were away when the kitchen was installed. Thought we should have stayed home. Would there be any damage to our hardwood floors, or anything else that we would not know about until we got home? And again, everything was fine.

Because we were away, I asked you to pick out our sinks. I said two sinks. One for large pans, and a smaller sink, again perfect.

We can not thank you enough. You listened to all of our concerns, and took care of them. You are honest, and reliable, and your work is meticulous.

Thank you for our beautiful kitchen!

P.S. Thank you for directing us to Paul at Appliance One, our appliances are great too.”

 – Francis & Evelyn Ferioli

“Everyone who comes to my house says; “My God, this is like a showroom – it is right out of a magazine! We get a lot of “WOW’s!”

I love my wine fridge, cook top, and built-in fridge. I especially love my double wall oven because I enjoy cooking and baking and I can do them both at the same time.

Wood Palace did the kitchen when the house was built years ago and they did such a great job that they were the only ones I would talk to when we decided to go for a new kitchen.

Tim listened to what we wanted and we couldn’t fit it in, so he suggested we take out the eat-in section and it was exactly what we needed. They even did a lot of those little “extras” that they did not have to do, but that made such a difference.”

 – Carol Abreu

“Our experience with Wood Palace Kitchens was fabulous! We are more than pleased with the work, craftsmanship, and professionalism of the Wood Palace staff. We shared our ideas with Pam and she listened to everything we had to say. She came to the house and spent some time getting to know us and our needs. She was very accommodating and made some great suggestions.

We installed an island and eliminated the kitchen table and it was a great idea. I love being able to cook and be part of the group. The people are right there and there is no pressure entertaining.

I was leary of the warming drawer but it was a life saver. When our son comes home his dinner is warm and he is ready to go. I love the pantry. Everything is right there and there is nothing cluttering up the kitchen. I also love the double oven.”

 – Lil Holbrook

“Our kitchen was originally two rooms that were made into one room by taking out the dining room wall. Wood Palace was instrumental in the process because all of the subcontractors worked off the precise plans and measurements they drew up.

We did a built in desk and an island, took out the wall, and we have two different colors of maple. We love the variety and we never could have done this project without the Wood Palace staff leading the way.

I love to cook and entertain and we have had 50 people in here and between the kitchen and dining room and never felt crowded. It is very nice when people come over and just hang out. We have a great time.

It is easier, more relaxing, and I actually look forward to visitors. When I am cooking people can sit on the barstools at the counter and we can actually talk to each other.”

 – Lida Benoit

“OUR KITCHEN IS THE PLACE EVERYBODY GATHERS AND IT IS A LOT OF FUN BEING IN IT. Every person who comes into the house comments on the kitchen. People are in awe! I used a lot of color combinations. They love the layout. People go crazy over our kitchen and we love it because it is the whole heart of the home.

My experience with Wood Palace Kitchens was incredible. I worked primarily with Tim and he was extremely helpful. He held my hand all the way through the process and I needed that. He was just a joy to work with.

In this day and age you just don’t get people to hold your hand and take care of you like Tim did.”

 – Emily Waxman