Dream Boards








If you need help envisioning your new kitchen or bath as a whole, or just want to get a better idea of how certain colors, materials, and fixtures go together, Wood Palace Kitchens is proud to present our Dream Boards. Created as a tool to help our clients better understand the options we offer and provide them with the information necessary to make an informed decision. We believe that our Dream Boards are an essential part of the home design process.

At Wood Palace, our Dream Boards allow customers and designers to work together to compare color swatches, material samples, hardware and accessory options, and more. By putting these tools at customers’ fingertips, we know that they will feel empowered to create the kitchen or bath of their dreams. After all, who knows their needs better than our customers themselves? At Wood Palace Kitchens, we aren’t here to direct our customers, we are here to give them the tools they need to decide exactly what they want.

See What Our Dream Boards Can Do For You