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Understanding the Kitchen Remodel Process, Part II

So, you have gone through the first stages of the kitchen remodeling process. It’s time to move on towards getting the final decisions and ordering going. Making sure that you decide on what is right for you is a very important step in the process. As I say in my book Dream First, the decisions that you make at this stage are so important to your happiness over the many years ahead living in your space. Too many people make bad decisions here because of costs so they end up going with less quality products and or options that they…

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Non-stick cookware – health danger?

For years,  I’ve been concerned about reports that Teflon and other non-stick cookware contained carcinogens.  So I started doing some research on the Internet.  I found this recent article on a website called  According to the author, Nonstick coatings, such as Teflon,  on cookware products release likely carcinogenic fumes when they are overheated. These likely carcinogens kill pet birds,  cause health problems for plant workers,  are linked to female infertility,  and are persistent in the environment and in the blood of the general US population. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has called on companies to reduce facility emissions and…

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