Overcoming Kitchen Remodel Fears

By Beth Sobiloff

We’ve been wanting to remodel our kitchen since we moved in five years ago. And yet, here we are with the same tired cabinetry after all this time. 

I have come to realize that our lack of action is mostly due to fear of the unknown. How much will it cost?  How long will it take?  Will we like the results?  Will the improvement be worth the cost? Can we get what we want given the limited space?

The unfortunate thing is that now we’re getting desperate to make a change, and the cost of materials has gone sky high. But I decided that it’s time to bite the bullet and get the information that we need so that we can make informed decisions about next steps.

overcoming kitchen remodel fears

It’s Time to Change the Way I’m Thinking About This!

As most of us know, fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Getting the facts about what we can and can’t do to change our kitchen, and what costs are involved, will eliminate that fear. Knowledge is power.  Then, even if we can’t do the renovations right now, we will have a goal to move toward and know that it will get done at a certain point in time, instead of putting it off indefinitely.

I’ve known Tim Holick and Wood Palace Kitchens for a long time. I know about Tim’s “Dream First” philosophy.  Yet I never thought to apply it to my own dreams.  I never even asked my husband what his dream is for the kitchen. Duh!

With all of this in mind, I now feel that we have a plan of action. Sit down and decide what we want, then do the research with Tim and get the answers that we need.  I finally feel like I have overcome my kitchen remodel fears and we’ll actually get our new kitchen – sooner rather than later!

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