Baseball America’s Pastime


baseball america's pastimeI had the pleasure yesterday to leave work early and head into Fenway Park to see the Red Sox play. I’m usually not a fan of going to see a weeknight game mid week but had that little boy feeling of excitement to head in and make a night of it. I have owned weeknight season tickets now for almost 10 years but the thrill of knowing I was heading into Fenway, (one of the oldest ball parks out there) in April, was nothing short of exhilaration. There is something romantic about the game of baseball for us Americans. Eating at a pub close to the park, eating hot dogs, having a beer and eating peanuts seems to bring us back to the days of old when we were young. Thoughts of Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays dance around in our minds like they just happened yesterday.

What is it that makes us smile when we just think of being at a game? It’s not like we have not ever gone to see a game before. Is it the smells, the food, the action, the calmness or just the fun that attract us to a game? I think it’s a combination of all of them and the pride we feel towards our team. I always find myself standing and singing during the 7TH inning stretch and also in the 8TH inning to Sweet Caroline. I also think it’s the charm of knowing so many people have sat in those seats in the past, watching all of those great players of old. American’s have always been lured to the thought of nostalgia and fame. Whatever it is, there is nothing more exciting and fun to set back in your seat either heckling or cheering your team on.
I can see why baseball was labeled “America’s Pastime” years ago. It’s where family and friends can come together and experience so much fun, cheering and eating to their hearts content. I’m happy I took in a game with my brother Jim last night. We had fun doing everything that you can do there and also had time to talk about life’s happenings while we enjoyed the baseball park we grew up to love. I hope you can partake in a game or two this year. You owe it to yourself and the ones you go in with. Play Ball!                   Tim Holick
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