Baker’s Extraordinaire in New Jersey

I find that the tougher the kitchen space, the more fun I have coming up with ideas. This story starts many years ago with my cousin’s home in New Jersey. I have been in their home many times over the years, so I know the space, and how jammed the kitchen looked and felt. I find it hard to believe that Diane actually worked in this space, knowing how much she likes to cook. She especially loves to bake, having grown up in her father’s bakery. These days, she cooks with her grandsons, and she has always wanted a baking station in her kitchen. The timing was finally right for a re-do.

When working with a tight space with a lot of windows, it is imperative to utilize every inch of space, while maximizing efficiency to fit in everything that a client wishes for. The first step was to take down the wall between the kitchen and dining room and open the space up.

Two windows in the corner were lower than the height of the countertop, which we wanted to extend under the windows. To avoid further construction, we decided to keep them the way they were. Now that corner became the perfect candidate for a baking center.

A peninsula bar with seating replaced the wall between the kitchen and the dining room. I find that families love to congregate at a bar, while it serves double-duty as a divider between the two rooms.

The cabinets chosen were JSI’s Trenton door style in a Tan White painted finish. The counter selected was a warm Giallo series granite. The beautiful subway tile in a greyish/green tone really accents the counter and cabinets well. She waited until after the counter went in and took her time to find exactly what she wanted. She had waited over 35 years for her dream space, so it was nothing to wait another two months. I have never believed in rushing a project, and I’m happy that she took her time.

The end result of this kitchen renovation was a very functional cooking space with an open feel. These older homes have such small rooms and today’s families want an open concept in their hectic lives. I walk into the space today feeling like we added another ten feet of space, when all we did was take a wall out. Change is tough for so many people, but when you trust in your designer’s listening skills and expertise, the results will always take your breath away. I enjoyed my time on this project and hope you enjoy the results.

Bon Appetit!

Tim (Food A Holick)

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