The Wood Palace Mission

Almost every business has a mission.  Wood Palace is no different.  Many businesses spend a great deal of time and thought crafting the words that represent why the business exists and what it stands for.  But the most important part of a mission is to create tenants to live by, define the spirit in which action will be taken every day to serve customers, provide quality, provide caring customer service and nurture the skills and knowledge of employees.  It is not enough to craft the words, scribe them on a plaque and hang it on the wall.  Success requires believing in the mission and living it every day and that is exactly what differentiates Wood Palace from others.

At Wood Palace we listen and we provide the utmost in care and service to every customer.  Our “Dream First” process, our staff of superior designers and our attention to detail and customer service has helped us create many beautiful kitchens, develop even more lasting customer relationships and give back to the community over our 38 years.

Our Mission

Our mission, as a quality company dedicated to learning, is to continually improve our ability to provide our customers with a variety of options in the creation and purchase of a quality product. We hope that the value created results from positive interaction between the customer and our caring and knowledgeable staff.

In fulfilling our mission, we shall strive to always be an organization that continues to be worthy and deserving of the respect of the community while giving back to it. We will continue to be an open organization that respect the contributions of our staff by providing an open working environment that is ethical, attentive, and values their learning and education. We will provide a workplace of which one is proud to be a part. We believe that by being faithful to the principles contained with Our Mission Statement, our organization will enjoy the benefits of longevity and profitability.

We will strive to always communicate by listening carefully to our customers and to assist them as they create a kitchen that reflects the beauty they wish to capture in the most central room of their home. Our mission is to provide a kitchen that encapsulates the ideal of the beloved kitchen table, the central gathering place of the home where all can feel comfortable and at ease while sharing life’s important stories.

Come home to the experience of a Wood Palace Kitchen.


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