The Spa Bath

spa bathroomOver the years, the bathroom has evolved into a new revolution for size and a room to be pampered in. The days of our parents struggling for and in the one bath home are long gone. We never had a shower in the one bath home I grew up in. I remember getting up for school and going into the bathroom while my dad was in there getting ready for work. On some of the days, he would be taking a sponge bath while standing at the sink. I remember grimacing and saying; God dad, you’re killing me here. He would laugh and go back to washing himself. Those days are long gone for most of us as we now live in an age of the two or three bath home. No more standing outside the door waiting for someone to get out of the bath so that we could go ourselves. The Master bath has evolved over the years also into a much larger space that we can sit back, relax and pamper ourselves in.

This month’s project is a master bath that we completed in the Pine Hills in Plymouth a few years ago. Our client had traditional taste and wanted the bath to be luxurious and look like a spa. It was a very generously sized space that had the toilet in its separate room, a large shower and a beautiful soaking tub area. We designed their vanity areas as separate spaces so that they could get ready in the morning and not get in each other’s way. The woman’s side is always the larger area so that it can accompany a vanity/sitting make-up area. We also put a nice tall linen closet next to hers so that it could house all of their towels and toiletries. Each area had a beautiful built in mirror treatment that gives the area a built in furniture look. The cabinets chosen were from Omega’s Bath Collection in the Destin door style with an Opaque Pearl Paint with a subtle Caramel Glaze. The marble chosen for the tops was Carrara Marble, always a classic look and accent in a bath.

The space ended up being the perfect match for her taste and for her everyday lifestyle. We work smart and long hours in life today. What better space to come home to after that long day to sit back, have a drink and spoil ourselves as we soak our tired bodies in a nice hot tub. What else could we ask for? Well, maybe a fireplace in the room would be nice! Ha!

Tim Holick

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