The Evolution of the Baby Boomer

Kitchen Design for Baby BoomersIt is increasingly more popular for all of us Baby Boomers to purchase a new existing home and update the kitchen within a few years of move in to match our new lifestyle. It is also prevalent to me at this age that my life has evolved so many times according to the changing events of children and life in general. I can remember like it was yesterday when my daughter Gina was born. We really didn’t do much of traveling or going out like we were used to before she was in our lives. I have to assume that this is normal because the baby becomes the focus now and having fun or entertaining has to take a back seat. Then as our children hit their school years, it changes again. Entertaining is limited to you entertaining their friends or their friends parents. You start to go out to eat again but at restaurants that features kids foods, not the fine dining that you were used to when we were single. Fast forward again when your children hit their teenage years and life changes again for us. Our little Mary or Peter decides now that they would rather be with their friends and we as parents all of a sudden are faced to just be with each other. Now you would think that being together this many years that we would have something to talk about other than about our kids but no, we sit their silent while we eat and stare at each other uncomfortably. Being a couple again is strange at best.

Well, our kids eventually grow up and either leave the nest or they might still live at home but hardly there. We have finally gotten used to being a couple again by now and having alone time is more pleasing than we can remember. Now that we have progressed to this new level, we are focused on entertaining more with friends and family at our house. The old, outdated kitchen that we have been looking at for years in this older existing home that we purchased recently is not making the grade anymore. It’s not just the look that we are sick of, it’s also the function and the outdated appliances that concern us also. Simple and easy become the new buzz words in our vocabulary these days and our new space has to reflect this new world of making it easier and adhering to today’s styles. Ok, I’ll stop here and move on to this month’s feature story.

The kitchen featured this month is from wonderful clients of ours. I think this is our 3rd or 4th remodel for them as they have moved from home to home over the years like I described earlier. Their children are older now and their new home reflects their new lifestyle at this stage in their lives. As with many of us Baby Boomers, our kids come back to visit with their new growing families. Some of our children do move to other states so when they come visit, it could be for a week or two at a time. We have also re-acquainted ourselves with past friends and get together more with them more so entertaining more reappears. They had the typical 1980’s oak kitchen that was probably installed when the home was built. The older appliances were not working as well anymore and needed a good facelift also. They finally decided that it was time.

When I first met with them, it was clear that keeping the same footprint of the kitchen was going to work for them. This eliminates a lot of extra costs that come with moving appliances and or walls. Their goal was more focused on the new look and appliances. We did add to their island in length and in depth, proportioning the kitchen to accommodate the bar unit we placed on the center wall. Convenience was the next focus for good storage followed by a nice clean transitional look. The island 8.5 feet long with 2 beautiful columns framing in the stool area connected by an apron and furniture base molding against the floor. The cabinets that were chosen were Homecrest Cabinetry in their Hershing door style in a French Vanilla opaque painted finish. Beautiful Giallo Ornamental granite tops finished off the soft yet rich look that they sought after. A clean, bright looking kitchen was her goal and I think you will agree from the photos that she hit that one on the nose. Cooking and entertaining are a breeze now and the new space captures some new memories that they will remember till the next phase of their lives brings them somewhere else. Yes, we keep evolving!

Bon Appetit!

Tim Holick (Food-A-Holick)

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