Food For Thought

Food has become an obsession in America. From TV food shows, the over-loading of restaurants to the multitude of food websites, it’s no wonder that we have a problem with weight in our country. I’m also always amazed at all of the diets that I hear about from friends and family to curb their weight problem. There seems to be a new one invented every month. No carbs, only protein, shakes, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem and the Paleo diet, each one promising the Holy Grail of results. It’s enough to make one crazy. Our yearn though for good food is off the charts.

My wife and I usually eat out at least two times a week. Going to a good restaurant or pub is a treat for an honest week of work and also very entertaining to me. I point this out a lot in my motivational posts that we need to get out and about to spark our souls sometimes. Seeing new places, trying new things and meeting new people sends out small doses of adrennyny-breakfast-01aline that we need to keep at our peak. A recent report from the U.S. Department of Commerce shows that I am not alone in this thought. The report from March of 2015 states that Americans spent more money at restaurants and bars than they did in grocery stores. The U.S. Healthful Foods Council also reported that Americans eat out an average of 5.8 times per week. Now that’s two astonishing figures that I never would have guessed.

Another big fad in food is how much grocery stores have to offer in already prepared foods. With both people working, their time at home to cook is diminished so picking up a cooked chicken or some macaroni and cheese saves time and is considered a treat. There are also so many more brands of frozen pizza these days to choose from that are actually great tasting. There are also many more businesses on the rise that you can subscribe to that offer nutritionally prepared food packages that all you have to do is follow the directions and pop on the stove or in the oven. All the ingredients are there, carefully measured to make it easier than preparing yourself but healthier than going out to a fast food place. There are plenty of other businesses out there just ready to cater to your needs.

Food has always been a big deal for me. I host a radio show on a local AM station called Food A Holick. I am the quintessential Food A Holick. I love to eat. Buffets are hard for me because of my love for food. Most people can stop eating at the first sign of being full. I unfortunately was not wired that way. I’m a fast eater so by the time my stomach gets that message from my brain to stop eating, it’s too late down the line. I have consumed more than the average stomach can tolerate long before the message gets there. Unfortunately for me, I leave over-stuffed with heartburn coming to visit soon after. Many have advised me to stop early before I get to that stage but I still can’t help myself. Pig-fest was not just a word in my vocabulary growing up, it was a way of life. So how do I stay rather thin you might be thinking like many of my friends on Facebook that ask me that constantly? Let me just say I have my ways.

I have found out over time and from my nutritionist that food can be our friend as well as it can be our enemy. The diets that I mentioned above are exactly what they are called; diets. Most of them are designed to starve you of a balanced diet. Nicole my nutritionist taught me quite a few years ago that balance with the four food groups is important. No carbs or an all protein diet are not healthy. They rob you of the balance that she teaches. Each food group has it’s benefits and depriving yourself of them will only hurt you. When I introduce my carbs I usually eat fresh or frozen fruits and low calorie wheat breads. I eat more lean proteins than not and when on my liver detox cleanse, Quinoa is my protein source. All of her nutritional thoughts help in stopping the sugar spikes that goes on in our bodies when not eating properly. One of the biggest things that I got out of working with her is that when I start feeling weak in the day, it’s protein that I feed on, not sugar. It’s definitely helped me with the roller coaster feeling that my body used to go through daily.

Whatever you like about food, eat smart and most of all, enjoy it. Life can be short so why not celebrate your Food A Holick ways. I am more in tune with my body as I have aged and when it is starting to feel sluggish or I have put on that extra 10 pounds or so, I do a food cleanse like I had mentioned to reel in that little extra weight and detoxify my liver so that at the end of the 10 days, I’m ready to get back to celebrating life again, enjoying every bite at a time. That’s been my secret to success!

Bon Appetit!

Tim Holick (Food A Holick)



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