Steam Oven Makes Healthy Cooking Easy

Thermador Combination Convection and Steam OvenWe’re always looking at what’s new in kitchen appliances to help our customers enhance the experience of their newly remodeled kitchen.

Thermador recently released its new Masterpiece™ Series Steam and Convection Oven.

This is a stroke of genius.  It can be used as a straight convection oven for baking,  a steamer for vegetables and seafood,  or a combination of both for things like turkey.  How would you like to have your Thanksgiving turkey done in less than two hours, and have it stay moist, without any basting?  That’s what this new oven will do!

You can even steam vegetables and seafood or fish at the same time without the flavor of the fish affecting the flavor of the vegetables.

Steaming is a much healthier way to cook vegetables,  because the vitamins and other nutrients will stay in the food,  rather than be cooked out into the water.

You can also refresh things like breads and pizza,  warming them up without having them become shriveled and dry.

The combination oven is also great for making breads and pastries,  such as croissant.  The oven can be used for proofing at a low temperature,  while convection baking will make them golden brown.  Check out the Thermador website for some great recipes.

Thanks to Paul Kislauskas at Kahian’s Appliance One in Hanover for letting us know about this great product for your kitchen.

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