An Interior Designer Helps Make a Room Look Finished

Classic DesignI don’t think the average homeowner understands what an interior designer really does.  Similar to using a kitchen designer,  homeowners feel that they can “do it themselves”.

I just spoke with a landlord this week who is doing an apartment over before a new tenant moves in.  He is doing most of the work himself,  but had a carpenter helping him re-configure the kitchen area and the adjacent bedroom,  adding a closet.  But the measurements were off.  As a result,  he’s only going to be able to fit a small apartment sized oven into the kitchen instead of a standard sized oven.  He thought that the carpenter was going to take care of those details,  but as it turned out,  neither one of them did.  He wishes now that he had a kitchen designer help him.

A good interior designer can help the homeowner save money in the long run by making sure that any new furniture that’s purchased fits into the space properly,  and that the furniture is going to last.  They give advice,  or they buy the other items that make a room look finished,  like the pictures,  pillows,  and other knicknacks that make the difference between a room being ordinary and eye-popping.  They know where and how to buy any item or piece of furniture you might need for your home.

I highly recommend Sandra Murphy of Classic Design in Duxbury,  MA for all your interior design projects.  With over a dozen years of experience,  Sandra can create the room of your dreams.  Whether your project is large or small,  Sandra will work with your taste,  budget,  and input to achieve the desired results.  Every homeowner benefits from professional interior design.  To meet that need,  she offers services at many levels and price points.  You can choose to invest in a phone consultation for a small fee,  or if you want something more,  you can hire Sandra to execute detailed design plans for a room of new home furnishings.  For the homeowner who wants to stretch their budget,  she even offers a Virtual Designer service.

If you’d like to speak to Sandra directly about her services,  please feel free to call her at (617) 688-5894.  Please tell her that Tim sent you.


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