Need your land surveyed?

Today,  I’d like to make a recommendation to homeowners.  Once in awhile,  all home owners need their land surveyed for one reason or another.  It might be for a new fence,  a new addition,  or selling the house.  Whatever the reason, if you’re in the Wood Palace Kitchens geographic area,  roughly south shore,  southeastern Massachusetts,  I highly recommend that you use Webby Engineering.  They actually have a special going on right now for mortgage plot plans.

A mortgage plot plan is used by mortage lenders and title insurance companies to answer the following questions:

  • Is the house on the correct lot?
  • Does the structure comply with local zoning ordinances?
  • Does the structure lie in a mapped FEMA flood hazard zone?
  • Are there any encroachments, easements or rights of way access issues?

Webby Engineering Associates Land Surveying Division is looking to increase its mortgage plot plan client base, specifically with real estate closing attorneys.  They are offering the following terms:

  • Flat $140 fee for all residential mortgage inspection plot plans within 25 miles of their office at 180 County Road in Plympton.

Webby offers a fast turn around, no fee for cancellation, and all work is performed by or under the direct supervision of a Massachusetts Registered Professional Land Surveyor.

So if you need a mortgage plot plan, or any other land surveying services, you can feel confident in calling Webby Engineering at 781-585-1164.


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