Kitchen Design Company Gives Back to the Community

Tim Holick,  owner of Wood Palace Kitchens in Middleboro,  MA,  believes in giving back to the community.  Even in tough economic times,  he has done as much as he can to give his support,  financial and otherwise.

One of Tim’s favorite charities is the Make a Wish Foundation.  Recently, Tim was informed about the wish of a five year old girl.  Here’s the story:

A New Playhouse

As an inquisitive and observant five-year-old girl, this wish child immerses herself in books,  puzzles, and dance. She seems to find joy in life’s simple pleasures like playing outside,  watching Disney movies, and eating pizza. There seems to be nothing holding this smart,  young girl back from a life of fun and learning.

Life for her,  however,  is not as carefree as it should be.  Diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL),  a blood cancer,  she must undergo intensive treatments and attend numerous doctors’ visits for her condition.

When a team of Make-A-Wish volunteers met with her,  she thought long and hard about the perfect wish.  In accordance with her inquisitive nature and love for playing outdoors,  she asked for a playhouse swing set in her backyard.  With her decision solidified,  the Make-AWish Foundation set to work and ordered the perfect playhouse.  After weeks of planning,  the unveiling of her new playhouse finally arrived!  At a party filled with pizza,  cake,  and balloons,  she excitedly cut the ribbon surrounding her new playhouse.  The cutting of the ribbon revealed the perfect swing set – complete with two green and white play house towers,  two wavy slides,  a tire swing,  and even a telescope!  She was smiling from ear to ear!

Thanks to you,  this young wish child is now able to come home from her hospital visits and unwind on her new playhouse swing set.  The hours she spends playing help her to create memories that will give her the strength and courage she needs.  The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Massachusetts and Rhode Island extends to you its deepest gratitude for your help in making this wish a reality.

Wish Grantor:Make a Wish Foundation

Wood Palace Kitchens

Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Tim is grateful for the support and loyalty of his customers,  and will continue to give back to the community.  For a list of other organization that Tim supports, go to

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