Do it the First Time, Do it Right

How many times in your life did it take to realize the truth in my title for today’s blog? Somehow, we all can get caught up with the grand old thought of saving time or money. My mother was good with hitting me with that saying old: A penny wise, a pound foolish. In my many years, I have realized over and over that I never really have a money problem, what I have is an idea problem. When it comes down to it, we need to be happy with our choice that we make in our lives.

I have a story that resonated in my life. When I first started my business, I had only saved a certain amount of money that I paired with a small loan. I was a naive, 2o year old who only knew how to work with his hands making cabinets and furniture. Any sort of business sense was the furthest from my mind. The words: Hard Knocks were going to resonate in my life for the many years to come. With only a little money to work with and no business sense, I searched for machinery that I could afford. I still remember that first day when I was assembling those machines like it was yesterday. The word excitement couldn’t come close to describing the great feeling I was having. Those machines were great in filling my budget concerns but fell short with the quality of the wood product that came out of them. Sanding became the normal to get the wood at the level it needed to be for the finished product. Sure the machines cut and shaped the wood that I threw through them but not as nicely as a more expensive and powerful machine would. I learned early that saving money was not always the best idea for my happiness.

Recently I had a past client from around 14 years ago come in for a small issue with her waste basket base. She also wanted to do her master bath over. We had only done the kitchen in her new home back then. I guess her husband convinced her to just buy some lower cost cabinets to put in there. Fast forward to 14 years later, those cabinets were never completely installed. They sit there in her bath uninstalled and she hates looking at them this many years later. She still loves her kitchen so much that she knows she will repeat them in the master bath now. Time and pain are our best teachers that we will ever have in our life.

Whatever decision in life you are about to make, it is important to give it the right time and attention in doing it right the first time. We all never know how much time we have on this earth so try to make it a much happier experience by putting the time and the right money into them. Our lead designer Dianne here said it well years ago: Good design costs no more than bad design. I’ll take that one step further: Good decisions cost no more money or time than bad ones! Keep your mind, we never know how much it’s worth till we lose it!

Bon Appetit!

Tim Holick

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