Cape Cod Refresh

This month’s feature is from clients who sold the home and moved down to the Cape. We did the kitchen in their previous home. You can see from the before photos of the Cape house, below, that there was a custom inset cabinet. However, the cabinets lacked efficient storage. That bothered our clients, so they called me in to see what we could do to make it more efficient and up-to-date.

Before photos

Their first comment was that they hated the base corner storage. It was a small, blind corner cabinet that was too small to get into. They also needed to maximize the space as much as possible. So, I went to work on implementing their thoughts and achieving their dreams. The first step was to utilize every inch of space that was not used in the old kitchen. I did this by bringing the base cabinet to the right of the fridge right up to the casing of the doorway and made it a large, three-drawer base. People love the storage that this style allows. I also had them take out the old radiator and added a tall cabinet at a shallower depth, just shy of the switches.

Next I added a good sized drawer base as an island and wrapped door panels around the other three sides. This gives the island a furniture look. I then tackled the corner issue by moving the stove about 6” to the right and putting a super lazy susan base in the corner. It’s great for storage and easy to get at items. By doing this, it increased the size of the base and wall cabinet to the left of the stove for optimum storage.

These few small design and storage ideas really helped in a small kitchen that had no option for changing the design.

The cabinets selected were Ultracraft’s Avon Shaker door style in their Wings colored painted finish. The counter tops are White Ice granite and they chose the pattern of the stone to fit perfectly with the shape of their counter tops. The beautiful antique oil-rubbed bronze handles really accent the cabinet color and style.

The results not only satisfied their needs but also gave them the chance to make the space their own look and style. The importance of doing that is often overlooked. We work hard for our money and, in the end, we need to love our new space by making it a reflection of who we are.

Bon Appetit!


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