Cabinets aren’t Only for the Kitchen

cabinets aren't only for the kitchenIt has only been 20 years since cabinets were only used for the kitchen and baths. It was in the mid 1990’s that people started to use cabinetry for other parts of their home more often. Rooms like libraries, laundry, home offices and family rooms were either built in place by finish carpenters or people went to furniture stores to buy furniture that filled the needs of these other rooms. The problem many faced was furniture was very limited in styles, colors and sizes. Occasionally, people had us design hutches to match their kitchen cabinets. This way they had many options to customize the look they envisioned at a cost much less than their furniture counterparts.

Fast forward to today and cabinets are used in most rooms of the home. Home offices have been gaining more and more popularity in the past decade due to people working out of their homes more because of child care issues, transportation issues or people deciding to start their own businesses. Other popular rooms showcasing cabinetry are; mudrooms, bedrooms, laundry’s, family rooms, libraries, closets and cellars. In addition, built-ins like bookcases, desks, file drawers, bars and wine hutches are good choices also. These rooms help people keep their lives organized and at the same time, make their home a show place.

No matter which room you decide to have cabinetry installed in, working with the right designer that asks good questions and helps you dream will guarantee you positive results. There are so many configurations and styles of cabinetry available these days, having the right person help you will mean the difference between being happy or being frustrated. In the end, after everything is installed, you want to be able to say; “I feel like I live in a magazine.” Dream first and all else will fall in place!





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