Back to School:  How will you use your kitchen now that the kids are gone?

kitchen back to schoolThere are some smiling faces out there today and there are some teary eyed faces also now that school is back in session. No matter what the mood, kids are back into their routine and now we can get back to ours. I find the fall an exciting part of the year for cooking in my kitchen. How will you kick off the alone or family time  in your kitchen this year?

School lunches come to mind when the first bus starts a rolling. I can see the hectic rush to get their lunches made before they get up for breakfast. As a kid, I remember eating the school lunch everyday. I think more parents are making the kids lunches these days so that they eat more healthy. Careful planning ahead will help the morning start. Cooking meals ahead is a great way to relieve the pressure and help you focus on filling their bags with healthy and good food. It’s a good thing to research some good meals that not only nourishes your children but gives them the brain energy to excel at their subjects. Click on this link for some ideas.

After school was always a favorite time for myself when coming home to some homemade snacks. Cookies, brownies and other sweets don’t have to be loaded with sugar to taste good. There are plenty of other fruit and nourishing snacks that you can have ready for them when they get home before they start their homework. Energy boosting snacks will help them jump into their homework without the whining. Blueberry desserts made from those extra blueberries that you froze this summer will help in their brain power. Here is a great site for some ideas.

After school and weekends are a great time to spend some time with your kids in the kitchen. With apple season upon us, there is no better time spent then spending time picking apples with the family and then cooking some of the great family recipes that were handed down. Apples not only make good desserts but can be used in many of your regular meals. The cool nights will be a great time to make some homemade apple cider. Here are some good ides for all those apples.

Fall is also a great time to get together with some relatives and friends to make those homemade food items that you have been wanting to do again. I just planned a Saturday in October with some of my cousins to get together and make some homemade tortellini’s. Our aunts and grandmothers used to make them years ago for our holidays so what better time to get together and have some fun. What are some of the recipes that you have been wanting to make now for some time?

No matter what the reason you have to use that kitchen more now that the kids are back in school, take the time to enjoy it with the family in between school and activities. As I was heard to say in our Wood Palace commercials years ago; “There is no better investment than spending time with your kids and loved ones in the kitchen.” Would love to hear about some of those fun stories when you do. Bon Appetit!

Tim Holick

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