After School Snacks That You Can Produce in Your Own Kitchen

After School SnackI remember it like it was yesterday with how hungry I was when I got home from school. I find it the same now when I have gone through my day with meeting with clients or meetings with our staff or our vendors. I think it’s the main reason why we have a working kitchen in our showroom at Wood Palace. When we use our brain more in the course of the day, we seem to be much more hungry. Our children are no different since it is their brains that are being tested everyday in school. Unfortunately the first things we all grab for are something sweet or salty.

I have found out since I started seeing a nutritionist that the food I put in my mouth determines how I will feel an hour or so from then. Fruits, yogurts and nuts are the things that I have found out in the last few years that will not only fill me but help keep my energy levels at their highest for much more than an hour. The same will hold true to your children after school, especially when they have their sport activities right after they get home. Their practice or games depend on what you feed them as a snack and how quickly they will be hungry again since supper will be late because of their schedules.

There are many snacks that you can make out of vegetables, fruit, nuts and yogurt that they will not frown at. The best places to find these recipes if they are not in any of your cookbooks is online. You can ask Google pretty much anything and it will come up with many ideas to choose from. I Google many ideas for my radio show; Food A Holick every week. Make sure to also look up nutritional items or ask your pediatrician what is best for your child. Just because it is nutritional doesn’t mean that your child could not be allergic to it. You will be amazed at your children’s behavior or performance when they eat the right things. All of their energy depends on it. I guarantee that when you all get used to these great ideas for snacks, it will follow through to your regular meals. I guess that can be another subject all together. Bon Appetit!

Tim Holick

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