Are you a Salesperson?

HollywoodI can still remember like it was yesterday when I was asked if I was a salesperson. I was around twenty-one years old and had just started my business and that uneasy feeling came to my stomach as I proclaimed that no, I’m not a salesperson, I don’t like to push people with their decision making. You know that feeling I’m talking about? It’s almost like you are being accused of killing someone. No, I could never be a salesperson and be pushy and obnoxious like them was what I was telling myself after I answered the older gentleman’s question. I look back at that defining moment and say to myself, really Tim, what were you thinking?
Well, fast-forward 36 years later and what a change in my perception with my view of a salesperson. Whether you like it or not, everyone is a salesperson in this life. Take a look my grandson Jay in my picture. We call him Hollywood and let me tell you, that boy is a salesperson. From as young as two years old, that boy could get what he wanted. No, he doesn’t whine or cry to get his way. He has always had a keen sense of what a salesperson’s job really is and he knows it well. I’ll tell you more about Hollywood later on.
When the average person is asked to give their definition of a salesperson, most reply pushy, slick, obnoxious, and self-centered. I guess if that is what we all decide to put in our heads, sure we want to avoid a salesperson like the plague. It’s too bad we don’t get those bad thoughts out of our heads early on because if we did, we would pick our lovers, jobs, friends, and clients a lot easier, and life and success in all those areas would have been so much more pleasant.
What is the magic in being a better salesperson in your life? It’s really simple. It’s as easy as asking the best questions, listening, probing further with better questions, listening again, and then collaborating with what you have just uncovered. So for example, if you are selling a car, it’s much more important to find out how your client is going to use that vehicle than it is to tell them how good they will look in it. The latter is empty like sugar in our system after it has been absorbed into our system. Sales is not convincing someone as much as it is gaining trust. Questions and listening create trust, period! Why is that, you might be asking? It’s that way because people buy with 70% or more emotions and the rest on logic. Emotions bring on rash decisions, logic buys what is right, and in turn, you have a happy and satisfied client who not only will recommend you but will come back time and time again when they have a need.
We are always selling something in our lives. Whether it’s to get a better job, help in pleasing the clients in the business we work for or, like Hollywood, when we want something. Take the time to understand the other person because in the end, you not only help them, you help yourself succeed in your journey forward.
Bon Appetit! Oh yeah, back to Hollywood. He was always more interested in pleasing me and in turn he always furthered his own agenda. He has always understood the secret in the sauce! As Tony from the Sopranos would say; “Malone, the boy is gifted!” Watch out, world!

Tim Holick

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