Why Spark Business Consulting is my Favorite Bookkeeping Company

Spark Business ConsultingI often wonder why businesses struggle with everything they need to do, all the hats they have to wear.  Whether they’re good at it or not, they seem to feel that they need to do everything themselves.  Many times,  I’m sure that it’s a matter of whether they’re going to spend the money on hiring someone,  or just do it themselves and use those funds for something else.

When it comes to bookkeeping services,  I’m especially convinced that business owners do themselves a real disservice by trying to save a few bucks and keep their own books.  The advantages of having an outside expert manage this function are numerous.  From having objective eyes looking at the numbers,  to keeping an owner accountable for paying bills on time, doing their own invoicing on time,  and having monthly reports that give a snapshot of the financial health of the company,  I could go on and on.

Not to mention the fact that most business owners are far better at something else besides bookkeeping.   Why else would they be in business?

 bookkeeping servicesMy favorite bookkeeping service is Spark Business Consulting in Norwell, MA.  The owner,  Kasey Thibeault, has real business experience that makes her uniquely qualified to help other companies manage their books.  She is the former owner of a successful Boston restaurant.  She decided to leave the rat race of the food service world and put her skills to work helping other business owners.   She can do everything from setting up a company’s books properly using Quickbooks or other software,  to completely managing their books,  producing monthly and yearly reports,  and advising business owners on financial management.

For my money,  it’s much more cost effective to hire someone than to wade through my own mistakes at the end of the year.

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