Tips for buying kitchens cabinets

With all of the choices that are available, shopping for cabinets can be very overwhelming.  The average consumer finds it hard
to make the right decision.  Do I need plywood or particle board?  Solid wood or veneer??  Wood or plywood drawers?  Paint or stain?

There are no simple answers to any of these questions.  You are reliant on information from a salesperson, who obviously has a vested interest in selling you his product.  Instinct might tell you to shop around visit at least two and maybe up to five different places to look at different designs and prices.  Unfortunately, this is where you can get into trouble.  After your best efforts to practice due diligence, you might still end up with a kitchen that falls short of your expectations.

After 32 years in this business, I can honestly tell you that the best way to shop for cabinets is to NOT shop for cabinets first.  It is better to go out and interview two or three  salesman/designers and then pick the one that you trust to design and price your kitchen (or other rooms in the house). A good, qualified professional will ask the right questions about your needs, desires and budget, leading to the right design for your kitchen.  They will guide you to the right brands and quality of cabinetry that fit your needs and budget.

Cabinetry that fits your budget but doesn’t literally “fit” in your kitchen or other room doesn’t do you much good.  In the long run, you’ll end up spending more money, and yet may still not get what you wanted.

Shopping by price alone is only half – maybe not even half – of the entire picture.  So shop for the right showroom or store that you feel understands and listens to your needs, desires and budget.  Check their references and credentials, and make sure you feel very comfortable with them.  Trust is huge!

I’d love to hear your experiences with shopping for kitchen cabinets!

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