Time to Check the Heating System

Davis Mechanical Heating and Air ConditioningMy friend Eric Davis of Davis Mechanical in Braintree always says how important it is to maintain a home’s heating and cooling systems to avoid a break down. Too many people forget about simply cleaning and changing filters on a regular basis. As Eric says, “It’s not magic, it’s maintenance.”

By having someone like Eric come and check your system and conduct routine maintenance, you will save money, as well as the aggravation of ending up with an emergency situation. Would you let your car go without an oil change for 10,000 miles? Probably not. Next time you get that done, think about whether it’s time to check the central air conditioning and heating system as well.  Soon enough it will turn pretty cold in New England, and you wouldn’t want to get caught without your heating system in good working order.

The technicians at Davis Mechanical are licensed and insured, and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. I highly recommend Davis Mechanical for all of your heating and air conditioning needs.

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