There Is Nothing Old Fashioned About This Nostalgic Retro Kitchen

In one of our 5 new kitchen showroom designs, we have created a nostalgic retro kitchen that holds all the fond memories of the past and combines them with the latest customRetro Kitchen designs and modern appliances of the future.  We all love nostalgia.  The past evokes fond memories of family, friends, good meals and good times.  All of the things you want in your new kitchen.

This kitchen’s white, timeless, custom inset cabinetry is the perfect backdrop for red accents right down to the red background in the glass cabinetry and the red knobs on the high end cooktop.  The glass in the cabinet is water glass, something reminiscent of when glass was hand blown by artisans.  Getting the look you want is all in the details.

The white farmer’s apron sink is set in contrasting cabinetry that accents it distinct front and gives you the feeling that this cabinet and the matching one above it were something hand built especially for the space.

The counter top is simple, white, clean and played down a little so it doesn’t detract from the other nostalgic elements of the kitchen including the retro backsplash, a tile style and pattern so many of our Grandmothers had in their older homes.

Every detail in a Wood Palace Kitchen is carefully planned to accent the design.  When you work with a Wood Palace professional designer, they can translate your ideas and your desires into a winning design that gives you that nostalgic feeling with all the latest modern conveniences built in.

Come to Wood Palace Kitchens, take a look at this nostalgic retro kitchen as well as the other five new kitchens in the showroom and let our professional designers help you create the look you dream about.

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