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Showroom Renovation PART 1

SHOWROOM RENOVATION: PART 1 Exciting things are happening in the Wood Palace Kitchens showroom! We like to keep our displays fresh and enjoy updating them every few years. It’s an opportunity for our design team to create new experiences for our customers. We always want to showcase the most current products on the market. Displays typically live on our floor for about 5 years. When we consider updating a display, it’s all about predicting the future and we strive to present up and coming trends while keeping a classic and timeless aesthetic. We are currently under construction and want to…

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Granite vs Engineered Quartz Countertops

How do you choose between Granite vs Engineered Quartz countertops for your kitchen???? Are you thinking of updating your kitchen by replacing that laminate countertop? With more than a dozen surface choices in countertops, Granite and Quartz are the two popular choices. “What is the difference?” “How do I decide which one is best for me?” These are the most common questions I hear from homeowners that are looking to replace their countertop. I will start with the fact that they are both made with the hardest natural stone, quartz. Granite is 40% – 60% quartz and engineered quartz is…

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