Supporting Local, Organic Farms

My favorite nutritionist,  Nicole Cormier,  just took a trip across the country to visit organic farms with her significant other.  They are creating a documentary about their adventure.  They are looking for funding of their project on  You can go there and see a short clip.  Here’s a summary of their project.

Nicole Cormier's organic farm documentary24 states. 24 farms. 50 hours of footage/interviews.Organic Farms Are Everywhere!

In February 2012,  Nicole Cormier, Registered Dietitian and Jim Lough,  Organic Farmer, both from Massachusetts,  embarked on a coast-to-coast road trip,  stopping at one  organic farm in every state along the route.  Each visit was documented  with candid interviews of the farmers and vivid photographs and video of the  farms.

Nicole and Jim are now home and busy creating a documentary of their  travels and interviews with farmers across the country.  Their  plan is to have a “grassroots” nationwide viewing at each farm appearing in the film, “Organic Farms are  Everywhere!”  The funds will be used for production and distribution.  Until then,  you can experience their travels and meet all  the farmers through their blog,


Nicole has taught me how to eat properly,  and the result is that I’m much healthier.  With all the “junk food” out there these days, it’s easy to fall into the fast food trap.  But clearly,  the more food we eat that’s “whole” – picked and eaten fresh, free of chemicals and additives – the healthier we will be.  Our bodies were not built to process chemicals.  Not to mention that it’s actually more economical to eat locally grown food.  We’re not paying for all that shipping and handling.  It’s tough to find local produce during the New England winters,  of course,  but with enough canning and freezing,  we can still enjoy local,  organic produce.

I think eating organic fruits and vegetables makes a huge difference in our health.  What do you think?

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