Super Bowl XLVII Match Ups

The hype for the big game gets a whole two weeks to show the world what type of match-up it is going to be. This past weekend was tough to get through with no football (Other than the Pro Bowl if you want to call that a game) to speak of. I’m sure that the respective cities have heard much about the big game but as of here in the northeast, we really have not heard a lot about it. The biggest thing that I can think of about the game is the two Harbaugh brothers coaching against each other. This is the first time in SB history where brothers have coached against each other.

Who will have the edge for this game? San Francisco has the high flying 2nd year quarterback in Colin Kaepernick. This kid has come in to the quarter back position this year with a bang. He’s solid in the pass game as well as his running capabilities. Joe Flacco on the other side is a more subdued quarter back that can sneak up on the defense at the end of the game. He has been steady for them this year.

San Fran might have trouble scoring. Baltimore’s defense is solid as they showed against the Bronco’s and their team as the game gets to the end. If I had to pick which one I would take on my team, Kaepernick would be my choice. On the Baltimore side, they have a high flying linebacker in Ray Lewis who will be playing his last pro game. Between Lewis and Suggs, San Fran will have a tough time.

I have been asked several times this week on who do I think will win this game. This match-up is a tough read. On my logical side, I have to pick San Fran as the victors. The way they tore through Green Bay’s defense and then tore through Atlanta’s defense in the 2nd half, it would be tough to bet against them. If I look at my gut, I have to say Baltimore will squeak by with their emotions that they will have with the retirement of Lewis and their believe attitude that they are wearing after beating two great teams at both opponents home field. Either way, I feel it will be a good game, despite the over commercialization with these Super Bowl games and the onslaught of actors, actresses and singers.

It’s always tough going into the big game knowing my Patriots are not there to defend but I am a true football fan and always look forward to any match-up. I’ll be sad come Monday when I know there won’t be anymore football till the beginning of August. Well, I guess we always have the draft in April to look forward to. I want to wish both teams a lot of luck, low injury and to play their hearts out. Being at four Super Bowls has taught me one thing and that is whoever loses, you always have next year. Gladiators, take your positions! Enjoy the game everyone!

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