New Year’s Goals and BNI

We talked about setting goals for the new year rather than making resolutions.  If you did make resolutions, chances are they’ve already been broken.  Well, am I right?

If you did set goals, have you looked at them lately?  Some business gurus recommend looking at your goals every day.  I want to know where I’m at with my goals all the time, and look at whether I’m on track at least monthly.  So now two months of the new year have passed.  I took a look at my goals this week and saw that some are on track, some are a bit ahead of schedule, and some are a little behind.  Not too bad!

For instance, I have a certain dollar amount of business that I wanted to bring in to my BNI chapter.  Our year goes from April 1 to March 31, so it’s almost over.  I’ve done well, but not as well as I wanted to.  So I’m taking the time to go over the referrals I gave this year to make sure I’ve followed up on all of them, and everything that turned into business has gotten recorded.  Likewise, I’m checking to make sure that I gave credit to everyone who brought me business through BNI.

In case you’ve never heard of BNI, it’s the largest networking organization in the world.  It’s founded on the philosophy of Givers Gain:  you help me with my business, I’ll help you with yours.  So the members of our chapter act as each other’s sales team, listening for opportunities to give referrals to our fellow members.  It’s worked out quite well for us at Wood Palace Kitchens.

That’s why my business goals always include the amount of money that I want to bring to other people in the chapter in closed business, and the amount of money that I want to be brought in to Wood Palace Kitchens from other BNI members.  The results also tell me whether my business networking time is well-spent!

I’ve gotten a bit off topic here, so I’ll just finish by saying that if you’re a business owner and want to find out more about how to grow your business through referrals, get in touch with me.


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