New Refrigeration Technology Available Soon

dual refrigeration systemWhirlpool is coming out with some new refrigerators this spring that will combine features of very high-end refrigerators with increased energy efficiency,  at more reasonable prices!

The company has announced their AcuFresh Dual Refrigeration System.  Dual refrigeration has been used by SubZero for many years,  but their refrigerators are in the $5,000 – $10,000 range.  Whirlpool’s version will be Tier 2 Energy Star rated (a level above the standard energy star rating).

The dual refrigeration system means that the freezer and fresh foods sections are cooled separately.  This eliminates issues that occur in refrigerators that have one system doing the cooling for both the fresh food section and the freezer,  such as air flow issues,  odors being passed from one to the other,  and temperature control problems.  It also keeps the fresh foods fresh for longer.

A U.S. based company,  Whirlpool is making strides to be more energy efficient while keeping up with technology.  They will also have available a cartridge,  called Fresh Flow,  that goes inside the crisper.  It increases the life of fresh fruits and vegetables by threefold.

Newer models also include better interior lighting.  It’s more direct,  and comes from the front of the refrigerator instead of the back, so you can see into your refrigerator much better.

These days,  many people are buying the french door style of refrigerator.  The freezer drawer below makes it so that the fresh food section is much more accessible with much less bending.  The french doors are naturally narrower,  so when the refrigerator is open,  it’s easier to walk around the door.  Especially if there’s an island in the kitchen.  Many people really like this style.

If your refrigerator is getting old and tired,  it’s just not keeping things as cold as it used to,  take a look at some of the new models.  If it’s been awhile since you shopped for a new frig,  I think you’ll agree that they’ve come a long way.

I recommend going to Kahian’s Appliance in Hanover, MA and asking for Paul.  He’s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to refrigeration and can explain all of your options.

I hope this is helpful.

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