Listening Is The Key To Great Kitchen Design

Have you ever noticed how GOOD it feels to be really listened to? It’s impactful, particularly when the listening goes beyond just the words you’re speaking. That kind of listening conveys respect and promotes positive relationships of all kinds. That’s the kind of listening we practice at Wood Palace Kitchens.

Rather than selective listening where people hear the other person’s words, but focus on what it means to them and what they are going to say next, our focus is on our clients and what they are saying. We are curious, open and listen as much to what a client is not saying as what they are saying. That gives us the ability to ask the right questions. Questions are one of the most important parts of listening.

Asking the right questions, helps guide the client’s thinking in directions they need to explore and may not have thought about. It helps us get at a client’s likes and desires. It helps us understand their tastes, how they use their kitchen, even what they like to cook. It helps us understand those things that may have frustrated them in their current kitchen for years. It is all there, in the listening. Listening is the foundation of our Dream First Process, the foundation of great kitchen design.

We don’t push and try to sell you something. At Wood Palace Kitchens, we listen, we guide and we help our clients come up with what they want. Then our job is easy, we just give it to them.



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