Freedom To Choose (Independence Day)

Freedom to ChooseThe one thing that we have been secure with over the years because of our forefathers and the men and woman that have fought for us all over the world is our freedom to choose. I think we take it for granted sometimes that we have that right. With government slowly getting their way into our lives, let’s hope we still have that right for many more years and not taken away from us.

With the 4th of July coming upon us again soon, we can’t help but think of the freedoms we do have in our lives. We have the freedom to become anything we put our mind to. We have the freedom to travel to any part of our country. We have the freedom to learn whatever or as much as we set our minds toward and we have the freedom to be happy. That one day in July sums up all of those thoughts.

A few years back, during the summer I read the John Adams book by David McCullough. What a great book it was. We don’t  realize what had to be done and what these men sacrificed to come up with the freedoms that we enjoy today. I was also amazed at what the wives of these men endured and sacrificed during those volatile times. Abigail Adams was quite the woman and had quite the influence with some of the decisions of her husband. She ran the farm and business while John was away which was months and years at a time. I recommend this book highly if you ever have a chance to read it. You will not want to put it down.

While we are enjoying our cook outs this 4TH of July in a few weeks, keep all of this on your mind that day as you partake in the festivities. Life can be good when we choose the right things and make the right decisions in our lives. After all, we still have that right! Happy 4TH of July everyone!                          Tim Holick

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