Food, the Ultimate Memory Drug

root-beer-floatIt doesn’t matter what age you are, there is always that thought of food or some place you used to eat at that brings that warm feeling through your whole body. You know that feeling I’m talking about; it brings an instant smile to your face. I have that same feeling when a certain song comes on the radio and instantly, I am back at the time in my life when that song first came out. It’s such a great feeling inside when you can remember that feeling of that song or almost taste that pizza or banana split at your favorite childhood establishment.

When I think back to my childhood, I can remember the many memories out in a makeshift field or street playing some pickup sport. Those were the care free days of just getting up in the morning and throwing your clothes on, eating breakfast and flying out the door to hitch up with the neighborhood kids. “Bye ma, I’ll be back for lunch” would be the words you would be saying as you hopped on your bike. You know those days of running, playing in the woods, pickup games and flying down those street hills in a made up cart out of old baby buggy tires? Life was about playing and having fun, even though you didn’t have much money in your pockets. Life was so simple and fun and each day was a new adventure. I smile as I write today remembering back to those many hot days out in the blistering sun during the summer playing baseball at the West Side field in Middleboro. There was never a shortage of kids to get that pickup game together each and every time there.

My fondest memories in that field are when I was around seven or eight years old when I would tag around with my older brother Mike and his friends. Mike is ten years older than I so I thought I was a big shot hanging around these older, cooler and fun guys. I had fun being with them but I have to say that my fondest memory was what Mike and I always did after those pickup games. Right around the corner, through the woods was an A&W Root Beer stand. It was larger than life to my little eyes as I walked up to the window with my brother who I considered my hero at that young age. Most of the time he would buy us a root beer in those cardboard containers for us. I would always get such a thrill with how the container would be welling up with water beads from the warm outside air as it hit that cold and frosty container. You would have thought I was holding gold or something. That first swig through the straw was always the best. I can still remember the feeling I got as the cold root beer made it’s way down my warm throat. We would always say; ahhhhh after that first sip. Occasionally we would get a root beer float which was my second favorite. I never ate the ice cream first. I would let it melt some into the root beer before I took my first bite. The root beer hit another level of flavor when that vanilla ice cream melted into it. It was always a great ending to a hot and fun game in the fields.

Those are memories that will never be erased from your mind. I could go on and on with the many that are stored in my head. I don’t think any new generation will ever beat the stories that we older generations had. Food will always be our come-back-to stories of ago. Pizza, banana splits, candy, root beer floats, ice cream sundaes, chili dogs, 2 AM waffle runs and many other foods I’m sure will jar your minds in the future. I hope it brings many smiles to your faces as you look back at those times and marvel at the fun, innocence and tastes of your childhood. If you have any stories you would like to share, please do in the comments below. If you would like to join in with our talk tomorrow on this subject on our Food A Holick radio show, please do at 508-822-1106. We are on every Friday from 11-noon time on WVBF 1530 AM. You can also listen online at Favorite old food stories is always our most beloved topic on our show. Hope to hear from you as we stroll down memory lane tomorrow.

Bon appetit!

Tim Holick


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