I think everyone has to be a food-a-holic in some ways. Eating is definitely one of my favorite pastimes. There is something about food that seems to warm a soul. There are so many ways food can enter our lives.

The Food-A-Holick that I am referring to today is something different though. I am referring to my new food radio show on Friday mornings from 11:00 to 12:00 noon time on WVBF 1530 AM. It has been a passion of mine for many years now to get back on the radio with my own show. My last encounter was co-hosting The Food Show on WPEP AM with Donna Colajezzi. We had many good times and laughs back in the 90’s when we had the show for about 4 years. Let’s just say I got the bug.

Food-A-Holick takes on a new identity. It is co-hosted by Dianne Landry, our head designer here at Wood Palace Kitchens. Dianne is a great cook herself and has a laugh as hardy as my own. Dianne was my logical choice to be that go to person on the air. We work well together and I know you will enjoy the jibs and jabs that are common between us.

I get asked a lot with what the show will be about. The show will be about food of course but will go in a lot of different directions. We will talk about entertaining in your home, parties, restaurants, healthy foods, foods and many more topics. The show will be a lot of fun and will have many laughs. Our vision is to cover the everyday moments of people when it comes to food or cooking. Maybe we will have a show some weeks that is live here at the working kitchen at Wood Palace Kitchens, with Dianne and I cooking away. Who really knows what direction we will take. That will be the fun of the show.

Our intent is to educate, have fun and laugh with you our listeners. I’m sure there will be many food related stories that will have us either laughing or feeling sentimental. Whatever the situation, I know that you will enjoy the show and not want to miss it. I hope to hear from you other Food-A-Holick’s out there and let us know if you have any questions or any great food or entertaining stories. There will always be a Tim’s Tasty Tid Bit time and at the end of the show, a Food For Thought.

So remember to tune in every Friday from 11:00 to 12:00 noon time, 1530 FM or go to and plug in the 1530 WVBF station in Taunton Ma. and you can listen online. We will be adding a page to my personal website for the show where you can find out and watch past shows and read what is going on in the Food-A-Holick world. We will also be adding a Facebook page under the shows name, Food-A-Holick.

Thank you to all that have been listening and thank you to all that will start listening. I wish you food, family and fun this next week, isn’t it what life is all about?       Tim Holick

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