Expressing our Gratitude

Happy ThanksgivingThursday is Thanksgiving, the perfect time to stop and think about all the blessings we enjoy.

Here at Wood Palace Kitchens, we are so grateful to all of our customers, who trusted us to come into their homes and re-create the most well-used space in the house – their kitchen.  And in many cases, other rooms as well, such as bathrooms, and cabinetry in other parts of the home.  We appreciate you so much.

We’re very grateful to our business partners.  Whether it’s the carpenters who do the finishing work or friends in BNI and the Chamber of Commerce who tell other people about us, we would not be in business without you, and we really appreciate you.

We’re grateful to be surrounded by friends and family during this holiday season, and so appreciative of the good health and happiness we’re able to share.

Finally, we’re grateful to live in a country where the free enterprise system allows us to dream big, and to achieve those dreams if we only put the work into it.

On that note, I would encouraging everyone to participate in Small Business Saturday on November 24th.  It’s the small businesses that move this country’s economy forward, and employ so many people.  You might want to check out the Small Business Saturday page on Facebook:

If everyone just spent a few dollars in a shop owned by a local entrepreneur, it could make a huge difference in the economy – never mind the difference it makes to that business owner!  At a time when the “big box” stores abound, it’s easy to go where you might save a few bucks.  But in the long run, it’s better for all of us if we keep the small businesses going.  The difference in customer service alone is usually huge!

Happy Thanksgiving and Safe Travels from everyone at Wood Palace Kitchens!

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