Dream First


I don’t know about you but the first few weeks after the holidays, my mind is racing around thinking of the better weather coming and all of the things that I want to get accomplished in my home this coming year. It can be overwhelming with the ideas and parties that I would like to host for friends and family. A good place to start is to write down all of the real important thoughts and put them in the order to what makes better sense for you in the coming year both financially and practically. There are many rooms to think of in your home but which room will give you the biggest bang this year?

Whichever room that you decide, it is important to get into the right mindset. It is very common to start with what we feel we can afford or what we feel we would like to invest into the project. The problem with these thoughts are that it confines and clouds the many possibilities available to you as a consumer. The goal you have in mind is important but it is very important that you choose wisely and in exact detail so that not only do you enjoy the end results but the whole journey before you get there. Dreaming first will help you enjoy the journey and help make it easy.

Many homeowners haven’t a clue what products and services that are available today. Perusing through the web helps you see many products but unfortunately, you have to sift through the noise of the web sites and there is not one person there to help guide you. The big box stores show an array of products but unfortunately, most consumers get confused and the culture of “buy these products now” at these stores, deprives you of making the right decisions. I like to start with the thought; “What is most important to me.” This helps me activate the many thoughts in my head so that I can write up a list of thoughts, fears, likes and needs. It’s easy to choose a product and pull out the credit card to pay for them but are you purchasing the right things? That one critical insight will help you discover the answers to your dreams and happiness.

When you get ready to start the motions towards your next project, Dream First and let your mind bring you down the wonderful roads of opportunity first so that during all of the time you spend and steps that you take, you get to see all of the options available so that in the end, while you are living that dream you can say; “We did it the best way. We discovered our dream. Now it’s our room. We live it every day.” Dream First and you will be amazed at how much of that dream fits into your budget!


Tim Holick

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