Do Your Job!

BillThose three words were made famous lately by one of the greatest coaches that ever lived, Bill Belichick. Love the man or not, his philosophy works and should be the fiber of every person in the country. He doesn’t ask the safety to do the defensive lineman’s job, he only wants them to do their own job. Isn’t that what we were taught many years ago in schools and at home?

My blog today was inspired by many things and conversations this week but the story of the man who shot those two co-workers resonates this title the most. Here we have a man that was fired many times in his career and when it boiled down, it was blamed on racism. I’m not here to judge him but society as a whole has to be concerned with this one thought; where are we heading as human beings in our society today? I often ask myself that question daily.

If you look at it closely, everything in life stems down to those three words. Whether you are a worker, a parent, a teacher, a doctor and so on, we really need to focus on doing our job. I don’t mean going through the motion, I really mean concentrating on doing our job right and well and taking responsibility when we don’t. Society has become a blame everyone else society in the name of saving face to the one looking back in the mirror. My mother and father would have smacked me if I acted that way as a child. I think they called it; knocking some sense into me.

Where are the days of pushing people to be there best? Where are the days of using the words that came out of my mouth and not worrying about offending any one group? Where are the days of understanding what is wrong and what is right? Where are the days of working hard for a living and actually working up a sweat? Where are the days of disciplining our own children and not worrying. Where are the days of taking pride in our work and giving it all we had?

So I guess the big question is what should we be doing today to combat this movement of irresponsible and blame everyone behavior? I don’t know about you but I am going to stay the way I am, respecting others, taking responsibility and making all the people I come in contact better people and not worrying who gets mad at me. I didn’t always like the tough love and things that my parents made me do or things they wouldn’t let me do either but I think it all made me a better person who takes life seriously and always lives by the Golden Rule. I’m also not going to take take every word out of others mouths so seriously that I become offended or hurt. My mother called me a few choice words over my young years but I was wise enough to know they were said in the heat of the moment and that she still loved me. Remember, love is a verb also so give more of it than you receive. And most of all, I will keep doing my job because I know how important it is to each and every unit of mine and societies life. Jeez, I wonder what life would be like if everyone did their job? Wow, there’s a concept! I think all of us New England Pat’s fans know how that story unfolded with the team who lives and breathes by those 3 words this past February. Do…Your…Job!

Bon Appetit!

Tim Holick

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