Choosing Appliances for your New Kitchen

kitchen appliancesWhen remodeling a kitchen, home owners think choosing appliances is the less important step of the design process. “We will pick those out towards the end.”, “The cabinets and counter tops need to be chosen first.” or “Our refrigerator is standard size.” These are just a few of the answers I get when I ask homeowners if they have decided on what appliances they will be using in their new kitchen. Another common one is; “We are just going to keep what we have for now and maybe buy new next year.”

When is the right time to choose your appliances? It is in the beginning of the design process. This is the time to decide “what type” of appliances you will be using. Once your design is complete, you need to choose the exact models you will be using before ordering your cabinets. This way your professional designer can make sure your appliances will not only fit, but will function properly.

Although most appliances have “standard” sizes, the dimensions and how it is installed plays a very big part in the design. One would think that all manufactures stick to the same dimension guidelines, but the variety of style, function and technology prevent that from happening. This could cause a problem that ruins your dream kitchen!

The common four appliances in a kitchen are the: refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, and microwave.
Let’s just look at the refrigerator.

A few years ago the capacity of the common 36” wide models, was 25cf. Today you can purchase one with 30.5cf. They say it will still fit in the 36” space. Really? Cool, let’s get that one! What they don’t advertise is that it is 2” DEEPER, ½”-2” TALLER and the door clearance is 2 ¼” MORE than the 25cf. If your designer does not know this before hand, you might not be able to open your doors wide enough to open the crisper drawer! Never mind designing to allow the proper clearance for air circulation.

That is just one example of why you need to know your appliances before you meet with your designer and start designing your dream kitchen. The difference between the cooktop and the “regular” stove is another story! Not to mention the wall ovens!

Take it from me; your professional Kitchen Designer will always need your appliance choices before designing your dream kitchen. The last thing they want is for you to be disappointed with any part of your new kitchen! Especially if it doesn’t function the way you need it to! Remember. Choose your appliances first to ensure your dream kitchen functions for you.

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