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Americana Collection: Affordable Kitchen Cabinetry

Our nation’s Founding Fathers dared to dream big. When they created the Declaration of Independence,  they saw more than mere words on a piece of paper.  We believe that these men of vision had a glimpse of what America would become – a land of opportunity,  a place where hard work and value are cherished qualities,  and a place where anything is possible. At Wood Palace Kitchens,  we believe in those same guiding principles of hard work and providing real value.  And we know how difficult the last few years have been with this sagging economy.  In setting out to…

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Kitchens Built to Last!

I recently visited a couple whose kitchen I built 21 years ago in New Jersey.  They had been telling me that the kitchen still looked like new,  and I couldn’t believe it.  I had to see it for myself.  And guess what?  They were right! The husband has called us every year to confirm that everything still looked great,  and to let us know again how happy they are with the look and durability of the furniture and built-ins. Back in those days,  we were building furniture ourselves.  So everything in the pictures below was built by us except for…

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Tips for buying kitchens cabinets

With all of the choices that are available, shopping for cabinets can be very overwhelming.  The average consumer finds it hard to make the right decision.  Do I need plywood or particle board?  Solid wood or veneer??  Wood or plywood drawers?  Paint or stain? There are no simple answers to any of these questions.  You are reliant on information from a salesperson, who obviously has a vested interest in selling you his product.  Instinct might tell you to shop around visit at least two and maybe up to five different places to look at different designs and prices.  Unfortunately, this is where you can get into trouble.  After your best efforts…

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