Best Place to Buy Appliances on the South Shore

Best Place to Buy Appliances on the South ShoreKahians Appliance One in Hanover, MA.

Kahians ApplianceOne & HDTV is a family-owned discount appliance store based in Hanover,  MA. Since 1952,  Kahians ApplianceOne & HDTV has served customers with low prices on home appliances and top notch customer service.

My clients are always happy when they go to Kahians for their new kitchen appliances.  Not only is the selection terrific,  the sales team really knows the appliances,  can answer all questions and give great recommendations based on the client’s needs and desires.  They ask the right questions so that the client doesn’t go home with the wrong appliance.

You may have read some of my tips on appliances that I’ve posted here in the past,  with the help of Paul Kislauskas from Kahians.  He is so knowledgeable that I rely on him for appliance information.

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