A Little Ditty About Responsibility

Farmhouse KitchenI’m not sure about you but as we get in deeper with the connected world, people are becoming more and more irresponsible. It seems like an epidemic of people not wanting to be responsible as they shout, “It’s not my problem!” Whether we believe it or not, everything that surrounds each of us will be our problem to get past sooner or later. Do we need a school to teach responsibility to everyone or will we keep going the way it’s going?

I have to say our mother and father drove this word into our heads since we were old enough to comprehend it. It was normal thinking that if we picked up one end of the stick, we picked up the other too. Society as a whole depends on the people that make it up to take responsibility in their lives. I guess most people these days are only mirroring our government officials, from the President down to congress. If they aren’t taking responsibility for their decisions or actions, then why should we? That reminds me of when my mother would tell me to do something and I would respond, “But my friend David doesn’t have to do that for his mother!” I would get that look back and hear, “You’re not David, so either get your rear end going or go move in with them.” My mother always meant business, and we knew not to overstep her boundaries.

So where do you think we have gone wrong today to be amongst so many that don’t take responsibility or stay true to their word? Does it stem from society or does it start at home? I guess we could blame society but then again, we wouldn’t be taking responsibility for our actions. I know that anything goes today or it’s OK to lie, cheat or steal. Hey, everyone else is doing it, so why not me? That statement is the problem, and the sooner we figure that out then the quicker we will get back in line.

So, where do we start to correct this problem? I would always start with myself and make sure that I stay true to my words and promises. It might hurt or cost you money or time sometimes, but in the end you will be correcting a problem in society that sooner or later will keep this world on the straight path to “I’m responsible for myself and my actions.” Your mother will smile when you do! Remember to Dream First!
Bon Appetit!

Tim Holick


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