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The excitement for the Super Bowl definitely comes in three categories. 1) The anticipation of the amazingly expensive Super Bowl commercials (and which one will be the best). 2) The excitement of the super star performing for the half-time show (and what “blooper” will happen that they can’t hide from). 3) The glamour of watching your favorite NFL team (and how the “Ref’s are favoring the other team)… and, of course, the food and beverages we will enjoy during the game at those Super Bowl parties with our friends!! I have to admit that I definitely look forward to the…

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Women and the Superbowl

I love football and for me the super bowl is the highlight of the season. Having friends and family over to cheer the teams is great. Of course, I love “football food” too! For the big day, I like to make foods of the host city. This year, Super Bowl XLVII will be at the Superdome in New Orleans. Talk about a plethora of dishes in which to choose. Wow! I’m thinking jambalaya, shrimp etouffe, muffuletas, crab cakes, red beans and rice. Holey guacamole, my mouth is watering just thing about this! Don’t let the names of these dishes scare…

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