Mike Holick

A former contractor himself, Michael has a full understanding of the needs and time constraints limiting contractors, allowing him to paint an extremely accurate picture for potential customers. Michael’s knowledge base sets the tone for all of Wood Palace’s sales staff: no false estimates. No grandiose promises. Just the information you need to know exactly what to expect, based on years of experience. Mike is a people person in the truest sense of the word. Whether it’s listening to customers, directing contractors, or coordinating with other designers, Michael is dedicated to making sure that Wood Palace Kitchens makes designing and installing your new kitchen as smooth a process as possible. For 20 years, Michael has worked to build a level of trust that people know they can rely on. Builders trust that his design choices will improve both the aesthetic and monetary value of their homes. Contractors trust his ability to “mark out” a work site and make their jobs easier. And customers trust that his advice is based on decades of experience and offered with their best interests in mind.