Wood Palace is a big part of our community because we create more than just kitchens. We have worked hard to create a vibrant community of clients, and we love an excuse to bring them together. That’s why we’ve started making use of the expansive Wood Palace Showroom to host community events like cooking classes and art lessons! The new year is famous for being a new beginning for so many people. Well, Wood Palace is looking at 2016 as not only a new beginning but as an opportunity for our community to experience some fun and entertaining experiences.

We are bringing our monthly cooking classes back, each event will feature different chefs and cooks with the ability to teach various cooking entities. We will have quarterly International Nights where we have different foods and drinks from different cultures. We are also going to explore some special events where we have folks come to our show room with their special aspects in the food and drink world. It is a very enjoyable evening for all of us. Please check out our event calendar and see if there is something that will spark your interest.