Frada Marvel

Frada Marvel – Order Entry Coordinator Frada joined Wood Palace Kitchens in 2001 as our Order Entry Coordinator but has many other duties as well.  When you call Wood Palace, it is usually Frada that you talk to first.  She also is responsible for stocking our Hardware items, Countertops, Faucets, and Sinks.  Added to her duties has been to coordinate with the Sales/Designer team to make sure all items for each order are correct and complete for the Installers.  Frada is always friendly not only with our staff but with our customers and vendors and she enjoys making them all feel comfortable when they communicate with our company.

Frada has lived in different areas of the country and spent a considerable amount of time in California raising her family while working for the University of California in San Diego.  In her free time Frada enjoys cooking and working in her yard but her true joy is her children and grandchildren.  They are the ones that make her the happiest.